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 Porto (Head Office)

Rua de S.Caetano, 250 Apartado 505
4411-701 Canelas VNG

t. +351 22 715 06 50 | f. +351 22 715 16 99 |

 Leiria (Branch)

Rua do Monte, 23A - Touria - Pousos
Apartado 32
2410-477 Leiria

t. +351 24 482 90 53 | f. +351 24 483 25 40 |

 Lisboa (Branch)

Rua de Entremuros, 54
Núcleo Emp. S. Julião Tojal - Fracção BS
2660-533 São João do Tojal

t. +351 21 957 56 18 | f. +351 21 195 54 95 |



Que cherchez vous?

Learn how Embalcer contributes for your success!

Solutions for your industry

We manage our customers stock

We manage our customers stock allowing us to give an immediate delivery service to our client.

Embalcer warehouse is devoted almost completely to strapping.

We have the most common references in permanent stock, available for prompt shipments.

This means that the delivery time is very short for each item, wich represent and advantage for the final user.

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Short Production and Delivery Time

Standard products always available for prompt shipments.

This means that Embalcer offers short delivery time depending on the product and the level of customization, which represents an advantage for the final user.

Contact us for your specific delivery time

If you want to know the delivery time for your specific order, please contact us!

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Diversified Stock

Our range is designed to always respond to all manual or automatic application requirements with high-performance products.

Embalcer produce plastic strap to work with all diferent types of strapping equipments.

We have in our stock a wide variety of references in PP or PET, ranging in width from 5 to 32mm.

More about PP and PET Strapping.

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Customized Products

Flexible Production to meet customers needs

In a always evolving market we have developed the ability to modify and adapt our production quickly to customer needs. 

With our own manufaturing plant, our PP and PET strap can be tailored for each customer's individual requirements.

Make your packaging stand out from the crowd or reinforce your brand and marketing message with Embalcer custom printed plastic strapping.

Our sales representative at Embalcer will assist you. Contact us!

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Consultancy and Technical Advice

We help our clients worldwide with our team of experts. 

Our employees are specialists in the products we sell, providing technical advice tailored to the needs and always looking for the best solutions for the client.

We believe that by providing technological advantages and innovative solutions capable of increasing the profitability of our customers, we will be valued and recognized and will be held as the right partner in the packaging area.

We are different in that our solutions are always framed and appropriate to the actual situation of each customer to:

→ Increase productivity;
→ Reduce costs;
→ Improve the image of its products;
→ Ensure the security and safety of their products.

The creativity and the follow-up of new products and solutions by our employees are an added value in the markets where we operate.


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Customer Service

Embalcer has always as a key concern, in addition to providing the best products to our customers, being mainly a business partner.

Considering the vital post-sale tracking the operation and longevity of our equipment, Embalcer has a post-project monitoring team dedicated to the prevention of damage, consisting of engineers, operating out of Porto, Lisbon and Leiria.

- Advice on what the best packaging consumables to be used;

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Embalcer Celebrates 30 Years of Success

Embalcer Celebrates 30 Years of Success with an Unforgettable Party for All Employees!

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dec 31st, 2022

Polyester Strap vs. Steel Strap: Four Benefits of Polyester

Polyester Strap vs. Steel Strap: Four Benefits of Polyester

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Social Responsibility, Environment and Sustainability

Over the years, EMBALCER has assumed the Social Responsibility as a commitment and concern, adopting an attitude of conciliation between economic development, social responsibility and environmental protection, in order to ensure:

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 Porto | t. +351 22 715 06 50 | f. +351 22 715 16 99 |
       GPS: 41.096332, -8.604192

 Leiria | t. +351 24 482 90 53 | f. +351 24 483 25 40 |
       GPS: 39.734293, -8.755982

 Lisboa | t. +351 21 957 56 18 | f. +351 21 195 54 95 |
       GPS: 38.857443, -9.121498