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 Porto (Head Office)

Rua de S.Caetano, 250 Apartado 505
4411-701 Canelas VNG

t. +351 22 715 06 50 | f. +351 22 715 16 99 |

 Leiria (Branch)

Rua do Monte, 23A - Touria - Pousos
Apartado 32
2410-477 Leiria

t. +351 24 482 90 53 | f. +351 24 483 25 40 |

 Lisboa (Branch)

Rua de Entremuros, 54
Núcleo Emp. S. Julião Tojal - Fracção BS
2660-533 São João do Tojal

t. +351 21 957 56 18 | f. +351 21 195 54 95 |



Que cherchez vous?

Product advantages

  • Absorbs greater shock force;
  • More meters per coil, less changes;
  • No rust, leaves no marks in the packaged product;
  • Sometimes, avoids the need of use of corners;
  • Easier to handle;
  • Resistant to UV radiation and moisture.

FHORT Polyester Strapping

It is quite a superior alternative to the use of steel strap in economic terms, being much cheaper in terms of handling and safety as it is more flexible and manageable and represents a lot less danger of injuries during its utilization.

The range of plastic strap in Polyester (PET) produced by EMBALCER offers a wide solution for average and heavy applications such as: ceramic products, wood, corrugated cardboard, bottles, steel products, among others. The safety of its products is ensured by the constant investments in new technologies of production that allows us a highly traceability of the quality of our production.

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