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 Porto (Head Office)

Rua de S.Caetano, 250 Apartado 505
4411-701 Canelas VNG

t. +351 22 715 06 50 | f. +351 22 715 16 99 |

 Leiria (Branch)

Rua do Monte, 23A - Touria - Pousos
Apartado 32
2410-477 Leiria

t. +351 24 482 90 53 | f. +351 24 483 25 40 |

 Lisboa (Branch)

Rua de Entremuros, 54
Núcleo Emp. S. Julião Tojal - Fracção BS
2660-533 São João do Tojal

t. +351 21 957 56 18 | f. +351 21 195 54 95 |



Que cherchez vous?

At Embalcer, we are committed to the environment and sustainability. We develop new products that help reduce waste and pollution.

At Embalcer, PET (Polyester) Plastic Strapping is made from 100% recycled raw materials and is 100% recyclable. The so-called "flakes" are the result of recycled plastic bottles. After processing, the raw material transforms into a new product: depending on the width, PET (Polyester) Plastic Strapping, mostly in green color, can support loads ranging from 180 to 600 Kg. The waste material generated during production is automatically returned for reuse through a grinding system. By using PET Strapping to secure your pallets, you're helping the environment.

Our High-Performance Stretch Films are thin and highly resistant – they allow for up to 50% savings in stretch film consumption per pallet compared to conventional film. By using this film, you're reducing the amount of plastic used to wrap your pallets. (Thinner film = less plastic)

By using the method of strapping with PP (Polypropylene) Plastic Strapping to secure your pallets, you can largely replace the use of stretch film, achieving an equally secure load while using significantly less plastic.

It's time to rethink the amount of plastics you use! Contact us and request a visit from a packaging specialist who will work with you to find the best way to protect the planet by reducing plastic consumption and costs for your company.